Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Small Stage
Mehrere Tap-Tänzer auf einer dunklen Bühne.

“CABOOM“, the most recent stroke by Leipzig-based choreographer and tap dancer Sebastian Weber, joins the musical power exhibited by tap dance with the flourishing images of contemporary dance. A pulsating piece on chaos in life and society emerges. Chaos reigns as situations become incalculable. When levees break and plans fail, when everything happens all at once or everything turns out far differently from the way it was envisioned. The “CABOOM” performance celebrates chaos’ potential and creative force in a multifaceted composition for five dancers. Next to Sebastian Weber, the audience will be invited to experience tap dancers Andrea Alvergue, Helen Duffy, Janne Eraker and Nikolai Kemeny.

“CABOOM will certainly disrupt any preconceived image of tap dance one might possibly carry.” Katharina Stork, “Leipziger Volkszeitung“, December 3, 2017

Duration: 60 min.