Book presentation with Sandra Noeth, co-publisher, and Bettina Masuch, artistic director tanzhaus nrw

Bodies of Evidence. Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement
Müller & Böhm, Literaturhandlung im Heine Haus, Bolker Str. 53, 40213 Düsseldorf,
Studio tanzhaus nrw_starkes Querformat

The 200-page publication focuses on the body as witness, document and agent: It narrates movement between and across boundaries that are drawn by power vectors such as nation states, sovereignty and normality. The book collects more than 20 voices from art, politics and civic society: In essays, interviews and case studies, the contributions are dedicated to the question how much bodies are embroiled in current crises and which political and ethical consequences must be discussed. Therefore, “Bodies of Evidence” permits new perspectives on physicalness, a category that receives little attention within this context, forming an intersection of ethical, aesthetic and political concern. The book, commissioned by tanzhaus nrw, will be published at the Leipzig Book Fair in March, 2018.

»Bodies of Evidence. Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement« published by Gurur Ertem and Sandra Noeth; ISBN 9783709203033, in English, 235 x 155 mm, € 22,60

Duration: 90 min.