German Premiere / Festival Opening

Olga Pericet

La espina que quiso ser flor, o la flor que soñó con ser bailaora
Big Stage
23.03.2018 – 24.03.2018
Eine Flamenco Tänzerin in einem opulenten, roten Kleid auf einer dunklen Bühne.

Olga Pericet is a constant in flamenco as well as in Danza Española while also being one of the most courageous innovators in her genres. With technical virtuosity, she develops her very own idiosyncratic harmonic and precise style, lending a rarely seen plasticity to dance. With her new solo, she refines her own stylistic mix bearing traces of classical ballet and contemporary dance. At the same time, the métier of the flamenco dancer is put on the test bench. From memories, painful and tenderly dreamed ones alike, Olga Pericet, known to many from company Chanta la Mui, develops an intimate narrative: It veers between masculine and feminine appearance, between humour and drama, tackling nothing less than human existence. At the same time poetic and powerful, possible paths of life emerge, as promised in the title: About a thorn that wants to be a blossom or the blossom that dreamed about being a dancer.

Duration: 80 min. / Sat. 23.03. discussion afterwards

Accompanying Festival Programme
Sat 24.03.  19:00 short performance »A palo seco redux« by Sara Cano, Foyer, duration: 15 min., free entry
Sat 31.03.  18:00 open rehearsal »Projekt 12« by Juan Carlos Lérida, Foyer, duration: 30 min., free entry
  18:30 short performance & film »Civil servants of the art?« by Fernando López, Foyer, duration: 60 min. free entry
Sun 01.04.  17:00 lecture »Mario Maya« by Leonor Leal, duration: 90 min., Entry € 12
Mon 02.04. 12:00 showing choreography-project »Repertorio Empírico« / led by Juan Carlos Lérida, duration: 60 min., free entry
  19:00 open rehearsal »Sin Permiso« by Ana Morales, Juan Antonio Suárez »Cano« & Michio Woirgardt, Studio 6, duration: 30 min., free entry

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Dance: Olga Pericet; Direction, Dramaturgy: Carlota Ferrer; Choreographical Assistant: Marco Flores; Musical Direction: Olga Pericet, Marco Flores; Composition: Antonia Jiménez, Pino Losada; Sound: Pablo Martín Jones; Voice: Miguel Ortega, Miguel Lavi; Guitar: Antonia Jiménez, Pino Losada; Cooperation Dance: Jesús Fernández; Light design: Gloria Montesinos A.a.i.; Sound design: Ángel Olalla.