Young Tanzhaus · Series Melancholia & Muscles / Premiere


tanzhaus nrw & Kopergietery
Big Stage
11.10.2017 – 13.10.2017
Zwei Performer, auf deren Körper Emojis projiziert werden.

Their world is made up of youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, unwrapping and unboxing videos, game reviews, mangas, avatars and binge watching! “Cliffdancers” are teenagers unhinged, uneven with the world and their own emotions, on a quest for meaning, trouble and adrenaline kicks. “Cliffdancers” is also the title of a miniseries, developed in conjunction by renowned Belgian production centre Kopergieterey and tanzhaus nrw, aimed at a young audience. Here, a TV show encounters dance. Six young choreographers will tackle the cliffhanger – that moment of utter suspense, shortly before the credits roll as we yearn for the next instalment –, transferring a TV show’s surge onto a contemporary dance performance.

An international team of choreographers and dancers immersed themselves into the world of TV and new media for “Cliffdancers”. Accompanied by researchers, TV producers, animation and visual artists, a dance performance emerges that follows the rules of a TV show. In a number of episodes, secrets become uncovered and situations unwind. Additionally, pupils from Düsseldorf’s Sankt Benedikt Secondary Modern School, together with tanzhaus teachers Nora Pfahl and Flockey, will create the necessary fan fiction, as is customary for a successful series. Fan fiction is the independently created and unauthorised further development of a series by fans. Via Snapchat, Instagram or youtube tutorial, fan fiction circulates – and it will be presented during the premiere at tanzhaus nrw.

“We became fans of something that doesn’t even exist yet!” Fan, 12

Duration: 75 min.

Accompanying Programme
Fri 13.10. 18:00 physical introduction with the »Fans«


Episode 1: Choreography, Dance: Jade Derudder, Laura Vanborm; Film: Brian Windelinckx; Music: Lennert Coorevits. Episode 2: Choreography, Dance: Antonia Steffens, Enis Turan; Music: Haraldur Prastarsan; Voice Coach: Lester Arias; Animation in Kooperation mit MOCCA. Episode 3: Choreography, Dance: Dani Brown, Gaëtan Brun-Picard; Dance: Giulia Franceschini; Outside Eye: Laurie Charles; Music: Yessoeur; Stage- and Lightdesign: Eva G. Alonso. Fan Fiction: Students of the Katholische Hauptschule Sankt Benedikt; Management: Ilja van Autreve, Flockey, Nora Pfahl. Outside Eye: Hendrik Vandoorn.
A production of tanzhaus nrw and the Kopergietery, funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and  Take-off: Junger Tanz, supported by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW.