Vogue Fem Elements

Course with Miro „Zero Angels“

Voguing developed in the 1980s in Harlem’s LGBTIQ* community. LGBTIQ* is the abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual and Queer. Mostly male homosexual and transsexual Afro- and Latin Americans danced in specially organized balls and staged theirselves to their own liking in a protected space as an act of liberation and a sign against any form of discrimination in society. Vogue Fem focussed on stereotypical feminine movements. In Miro’s class participants will learn the so called “Five elements”, Catwalk, hands performance, floor performance, duck walk and spine and dip, as well as artistic expression.  Subcultural trends like ballroom, freestyle and battle techniques are incorporated into Miro’s choreographies. “Have fun and leave all inhibitions at the door! You will leave the class a lot more confidently.” Or in other words: “Feel free and do YOU!”

Portrait of Miro

Miro „Zero Angels“

Miro is among the nation’s first generation of voguing dancers, procuring lessons from genre trailblazers like Archie Burnett, among others. He counts dancers like Leiomy Maldonado, Dashaun Wesley and Danielle Polanco among his sources of inspiration. In 2018, Miro decided to leave The House of Melody (now House of Saint Laurent), one of Germany’s first voguing dance collectives, which he co-founded. In this context, Miro contributed to TV productions and events in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Paris, even at the legendary Moulin Rouge there.
Miro’s passion extends beyond voguing. From an early age, he danced hip hop and house, moving about in different communities and battles. He graduated from Berlin dance academy for contemporary dance “Balanche 1”. He is active throughout Germany as a dancer and choreographer, worked for Junges Schauspiel Düsseldorf, the German Opera on the Rhine as well as for artists like Zebra Katz and Jennifer Rostock, among others. During the 2017 Berlin Fashion Week, he choreographed for Patricia Field, mainly known for her costumes of US-American series “Sex and the City”. Miro has been a member of the Urbanatix Streetart Artistic Crew since 2016. At the 2019 Brit Awards, he was one of the main dancers during performances by Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man, Sam Smith und Dua Lipa.