Course with Laura Virgillito

Classroom classes will only take place live with participants at the tanzhaus. Should it no longer be possible to continue the face-to-face classes due to pandemic restrictions, the remaining dates would be cancelled.

GYROKINESIS® does not view itself as dance technique, but rather as a well-founded movement system with a focus on the support of our flexibility. Existing constraints and limitations in the body will be dissolved by means of, among other things, special breathing exercises in order to let go of tensions and stress, and so we can leave the class even after a potentially arduous day feeling refreshed, relaxed and with good energy still. Laura’s well-grounded class always begins with a chair or a stool placed in front of a mat. Mobilising exercises for muscles and joints are practiced first in a sitting, then in a lying down position: Back, hips, legs, feet are worked through successively in order to develop, for example, more elasticity and strength. Laura mindfully guides this, with respect and with constructive feedback, but above all with a joy of movement.

Portrait of Laura Virgillito

Laura Virgillito

Dance has been occupying a large part of Laura Virgillitto’s life since she was three years old. Following a five-year stay in New York where she studied at the renowned Martha Graham Dance School and at other places while also learning to utilise the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® for her dancer’s career, the native Italian came to Germany in 1997. She worked as a dancer with several different choreographers and companies. Today, Laura is mainly active as a freelance instructor with different companies and institutions both nationally and internationally, among them the Folkwang Tanzstudio, Stadttheater Bielefeld, PACT Zollverein, VA Wölfl’s NEUER TANZ, and also at tanzhaus nrw for about 15 years now. She is a GYROKINESIS® master trainer and heads her own studio in Cologne. She teaches the GYROKINESIS® movement system which puts an emphasis on somatic aspects, addressing both people with and without prior dance experience, as well as a contemporary training for professional dance creatives at tanzhaus nrw.