Classical Ballett

Course with Alfonso Bordi

Alfonso Bordi’s ballet classes are influenced by the Balanchine method. George Balanchine was a pioneering ambassador of neoclassical ballet, transporting Russian ballet tradition into the US, where he co-founded the New York City Ballet. Among the typical characteristics of this method, we find fast and precise foot- and legwork. Alfonso lays a solid foundation in his classes, mindfully introducing the participants to the complexity in the classical dance movement system via doable exercises.

Porträt of Alfonso Bordi

Alfonso Bordi

Dancer, teacher and choreographer Alfonso Bordi, born in Mexico, followed his dance education the Boston and Atlanta Schools of Ballet. Following different dancing engagements in Canada, Ireland and Germany, he is now among the most outstanding protagonists at Düsseldorf company NEUER TANZ under the direction of visual artist VA Wölfl.