German Premiere

Compañía Concha Jareño

"Recital Flamenco" German premiere
Big stage
Compañía Concha Jareño „Recital Flamenco“ Dt. Erstaufführung

Traditional Flamenco at its best: Concha Jareño, shooting star on the current Flamenco scene, displays artistic and technical maturity and her diverse knowledge of Flamenco art in "Recital Flamenco". The Madrid-born dancer and choreographer is well-known for her authentic and unaffected Flamenco interpretation, always with one eye on the longstanding tradition.
Accompanied by her outstanding cast – singers Manuel Gago and David Sánchez "El Galli", guitarist Juan Antonio Suarez "Cano" as well as by percussionist Bandolero –, Concha Jareño delves deep into the world of Flamenco, taking the audience with her. So, a magical space emerges where perfection meets with years of expertise, and the cast conjures a multifaceted repertoire of tangos, guajira, martinets, seguiriyas and soléa.

Duration: 90 min. / talk with Susanne Zellinger afterwards / Sat 05.10. + Sun 06.10. workshops with Concha Jareño, Juan Antonio Suarez "Canito" and Manuel Gago

Artistic director, choreography: Concha Jareño; Vocals: Manuel Gago, David Sánchez "El Galli"; Guitar, artistic asstistance: Juan Antonio Suarez "Canito"; Percussions: Bandolero; Palmas: José Manuel "El Oruco"; Lighting: Olga García; Graphics, translations: Charles Olsen; Production management: Lucía Mancheño; Management: Cal Producciones.