Frequently asked questions?

We answer ...

... the most important ones! Should you have more questions, please contact us at or phone 0211 17270-0.

What are the opening hours of tanzhaus nrw?

tanzhaus nrw with its stage and course programme is as a rule open from Monday to Sunday between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. apart from the break during the North Rhine-Westphalian summer vacations. You can normally call us personally between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., except during the summer break. The opening times of our restaurant are generally from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and midnight, except Mondays and for the summer break, on weekends between 11 a.m. on.

How can I get regular information on the programme?

We will be pleased to send you our most important media, i.e. brochures on courses and workshops, stage programme and festival brochures by mail if you let us know your postal address by phone, fax or email. The easiest way is a visit to our website and the free-of-charge online newsletter subscription, which provides short and sweet fortnightly information on impending events and news of the house.

Where do I find the current course and workshop programme of tanzhaus nrw?

Many of you will have noticed that some menu items have changed on our new website: the item Academy lists our courses and workshops with an online registration facility. The submenu entitled Feier Abend shows our regular series of parties such as Noche de la Salsa, but also castings and other formats such as the circle session. Our offers for children and youths, courses and castings as well as stage events are from now on combined under JOUNG TANZHAUS. If in the case of festivals such as the Oriental Dance Days you look for the stage event AND the associated workshops, you will find them under the menu item Stage and the submenu Festivals. Our new website will put it all at your fingertips. If this doesn’t get you anywhere – use our site’s search function!

Where do I find past stage events of tanzhaus nrw?

Under ARCHIVE in the submenu STAGE.

What are the bank details of tanzhaus nrw?

Our bank account is:

tanzhaus nrw e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE11 30050110 0044 014736

What is the meaning of two different prices for courses, workshops or stage events?

Courses and workshops: the lower price for courses and workshops is the reduced price for school and university students and trainees up to age 27 as well as owners of the Düsselpass with corresponding ID. Stage events: If two prices are given, the higher price is for seats with a very good view (A category), the lower price for seats with a good view (B category). But for most of our performances there is free seating. For viewing the seating of our large hall and reserving your favourite seat, please access our ticket service provider Reservix at

Can I contact course instructors and artists directly?

Please appreciate that we are not allowed to let you have the private numbers of instructors and artists working at tanzhaus nrw. Please use our instructors’ and artists’ websites.

Is tanzhaus nrw suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes, tanzhaus nrw is located in one of Germany’s oldest tram depots: directly behind Düsseldorf central station, at ground level and nearly adapted to disabled persons. Only the old rails and cobbled pavement on the forecourt tell of former times. Please inform us at 0211-17270-0 shortly prior to your visit, so that a member of our staff can be at your disposal. Incidentally, a person accompanying a visitor in a wheelchair is granted free admission to all stage events at tanzhaus nrw. However, we hope you will understand that, as a matter of principle, we cannot offer reductions to persons with a severely handicapped pass.

Where do I get tickets for stage events?

The most comfortable way is to buy tickets online on our website. The advantage: Your ticket is also valid as your public transport ticket in the VRR region on the day of the event. You can directly reserve your favourite place (for allocated seats) and, using the service print@home, print the ticket on your own PC.

You can also buy your tickets during the box office of tanzhaus nrw which opens one hour before the performance starts, except for public holidays and during the summer break.

For dance lovers: Get your tanzhaus card! For annually € 49,- you get all our performences 50% reduced. Your companion receives the ticket also 50% reduced. Contact us at 0211 17270-0 or

Where can I park?

Free parking facilities on our compound are limited to around 40 parking spaces. Since the stages of the tanzhaus nrw, but above all the Capitol Theatre, operate continuously, the fire brigade on duty makes hourly checks to make sure that the fire lanes are free. We ask you therefore to restrict parking to the parking spaces with white lines marked for tanzhaus nrw visitors. Failing this, you risk being towed away. We recommend you to travel by public transport (see also navigation point FIND US).

What do I wear?

There is no dress code for tanzhaus nrw! For a stage event we welcome you in casual clothes just as much as in the little black dress. Of course there is a guarded cloakroom (subject to fee) available during stage events in the large hall. When you attend a dance course you should make sure that you are able to move freely and comfortably. We recommend leggings, jogging pants, T-shirt or sweatshirt, headband or cap (everyone to his liking). Shoes are more important and depend on your choice of course. As a rule, tennis socks or plimsolls are totally sufficient for your first time. There are sufficient changing rooms, lockers, showers and of course toilets at your disposal in the course area.


Am I allowed to take photos or make video or sound recordings?

As in other theatres, photographing, filming and sound recordings are not permitted. Neither are you permitted to bring drinks, large bags or thick coats that could obstruct emergency routes or be an encumbrance to your neighbour. Please appreciate that photographing, filming and sound recordings are ONLY permitted in exceptional cases and only upon prior agreement with the press office of the tanzhaus nrw. We ask you not to violate the personal rights of instructors, artists and visitors to our house.

Do you have a restaurant in your house?

Yes, there is a restaurant called Nooij Dutch Deli with beautiful, light-flooded rooms on the premises of tanzhaus nrw. For all details click here:

Can I rent tanzhaus nrw?

Yes, you can rent individual rooms, such as the foyer, the large hall and individual dance studios, unless they are needed for the continuous operation of tanzhaus nrw. For requests please call Maresa Grote-Sinn / tanzhaus nrw at 0211-17270-72.


Have you left, lost or forgotten something at tanzhaus nrw?

Lost property is normally kept for two weeks. If there is a chance of determining the owner of left items, we will do our best to contact her/him directly.

Your opinion is important

Critics, new ideas and special wishes concerning our offer of courses and workshops are wanted under or by telephone under 0211 17270-27. Personally you reach us normally at the "Infothek" of the tanzhaus nrw. There you find also a box on what is written "Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig" and additionally a special made formular!

What is a Physical Introduction?

The Physical Introduction is a format for the audience at the tanzhaus nrw. It is aimed to all interested people who want to learn the special movement quality or the choreographic idea of a piece before the performance. Under the guidance of experienced teachers like Anja Bornšek and Lili M. Rampre it is about getting yourself in motion. The Physical Introduction preparates us as spectators to sharpen the senses and get access to what is happening on stage. It is not about imitating concrete scenes of the performance but being able to empathize the characteristic movement principles and intentions of a piece through improvisation and other creative exercises. It is clear: It is just fun! For the 45-minutes warm-up no experience is necessary. Comfortable clothing is useful but not a must.