From the first moment she witnessed a hiphop performance on the street she was hooked. Dance, dance, dance was the only thing she could think about. Through the years Katerina experimented with every dance style that crossed her path but she completely and utterly fell in love with Waacking. Her disco ‘alter-ego’ found her home there. With a lack of dance partners to train with, Katerina turned to teaching the style so she could create her dance partners. Along the way she met a lot of people who found their ‘thing’ through Waacking, right now this grew into an organisation: Vogue & Waacking Belgium. To not only learn the style but to experience, she had to start traveling to meet other Waackers. Talking through movement is what she most loves and Katerina likes to call herself a "true jammer by heart".
- Winner Eleganza Waacking Festival 2017
- Winner Smack'n Whack 2018

Fr 09.11.18 20:00 - 22:00 Waacking Session inkl. Workshop 2 Ustd.
The Waack OFF alle Stufen Workshop
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