Nach einer umfassenden Ausbildung in unterschiedlichen Urban Styles unterrichtet Surena hauptsächlich in Deutschland und Frankreich. Sie nahm an zahlreichen Battles teil. U.a. war sie Finalistin der Battle SDK Deutschland in der Kategorie HipHop female.


Fr 18.01.19 - Fr 05.07.19 18:00 - 19:00 HipHop Freestyle 23 Termine
Urban Styles AmV/M Kurs
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Fr 18.01.19 - Fr 05.07.19 19:00 - 20:00 HipHop Choreografie 23 Termine
Urban Styles M/F Kurs
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Wilhelmina „Willie“ Stark

Wilhelmina „Willie“ zählt zu den besten House-Tänzer*innen Frankreichs. Sie choreografiert Shows in Deutschland und Frankreich und nahm an vielen Battles teil, darunter Break your limits, Unique Expression und Juste Debout.

Fr 18.01.19 - Fr 05.07.19 19:00 - 20:00 House 23 Termine
Urban Styles A/AmV Kurs
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Tony McGregor

Tony McGregor started dancing at a young age and his style of dance is related to his passion for Hip Hop, House and Martial Arts.  He has danced with EPMD  LL Cool J, Fugees, CeCe Peniston, Too Nice, Teddy Riley, MC Search and more. Since 97, Tony has been teaching, judging, organizing street dance competitions and performing throughout the USA, Canada, Japan, Asia and Europe. Tony continues to share his knowledge of Hip Hop and House dance culture through workshops, performances,  and judging organized street dance competitions.

Fr 15.02.19 17:00 - 18:10 House 1 Termin
Urban Styles Juste Debout alle Stufen Workshop
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Nelson Ewande is a French artist, known to be one of the best Hip Hop dancer / choreographer  of his generation, passionated by addin his influences (Afro, footwork...) to his Poppin Techniques. After a pedagogical formation, he became a professional dancer and won the biggest contests from 2007 to nowadays (almost a hundred..). He dances and choreographs artists, famous showcases, commercials spots, share his passion by teaching and judging battles all over the world.

By founding his own structure @LaTeboi, and the « french touch » team @EnfantsProdiges, he's also now the events producer & artistic director of Blesh Party Paris, KOD France and Urban Step Festival.

Fr 15.02.19 18:15 - 19:25 Popping 1 Termin
Urban Styles Juste Debout alle Stufen Workshop
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