A production place for choreographers

Apart from a year-round programme of contemporary dance performances, tanzhaus nrw continuously supports artists from Germany and abroad in the development of new projects. tanzhaus nrw offers residencies, assistance with stagecraft, public relations work and dramaturgy, the organisation of debut performances, assistance with the application for production subsidies, advice with the acquisition of financial funds and co-producers, as well as daily training facilities.

Contact partners:
Bettina Masuch, artistic director, phone +(49)211 17270-12
Stefan Schwarz, programme director, phone +(49)211 17270-70
Anais Emilia Rödel, dramaturge, phone +(49)211 17270-42
Mijke Harmsen, dramaturge Young Tanzhaus, phone +(49)211 17270-43


See below in the PDF about conditions of producing with us.

Discussions, Physical Introductions, film programs and symposiums

tanzhaus nrw seeks the dialogue between audience and artists and between artistic and scientific research. There are regular open discussions following performances and so called "Physical Introductions" into the work of the choreographer invited. Films dealing with dance, dancers or choreographers are shown in addition to a performance. tanzhaus nrw organizes theme-related conventions to launch intense engagement with the dance sector.

Now & Next and other program formats

Artists’ labs, meetings of artists from different sectors, coaching sessions and the programme format Now & Next provide different opportunities for supporting artists. Taking its cue from "Think Tank", tanzhaus nrw provides three to four times a year a forum for new choreographic talents, in order to show first works and work-in-progress to an interested audience, such as assisted rehearsal work. The format was named Now & Next and is seen as an interdisciplinary programme for dance and art projects. Also our summer residencies are inviting young just graduated choreographers to develope artistic ideas and come in touch with us.