Sebastian Matthias

“x / groove space” premiere

Thu 02.06. 20:00 + Fri 03.06. 20:00 + Sat 04.06. 20:00

With his performance series “groove space” Sebastian Matthias explored the urban pulse of Berlin, Zurich, Freiburg and Jakarta. Now with “x / groove space”, the last part of the groove space series, he is searching for the mutual groove of Tokyo and Düsseldorf, the “little Tokyo” at the Rhine. With three years of experience it is centred on the forms of movement and the everyday practices of the urban residents. Again Sebastian Matthias and his team examine the physical sensibilities people develop every day for their environment and investigate the relations of meeting, communication and participation that can be created in the public space as well as in the theatre. Which tools, bodies and actions generate a community?
For the work cycles in Tokyo and Düsseldorf Sebastian Matthias, Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw, has selected a team of Japanese artists. Masaru Iwai invites to a common experience as to the topic of cleaning and Yoko Seyama and Atsuhiro Ito intervene with rotating and sound-making sculptures. From the beginning, Nanako Nakajima has supported this intercultural creation process as dramaturg. Next to the seven dancers involved in the production more than a dozen Düsseldorf residents are a crucial part of the development of the project.

Duration: 60 Min. / Fri afterwards public talk / Tue 24.05. 18:00 Open Rehearsal “x / groove space” (Duration: 90 Min.) / Sat from 23:00 something – Event for electronic club culture

Katja Illner Katja Illner Katja Illner

Choreography, concept: Sebastian Matthias; Fine Arts: Atsuhiro Ito (live performance, sound installation), Masaru Iwai (instruction art, video installation), Yoko Seyama (kinetic sculpture, costume); Co-Choreography, Dance: Jubal Battisti, Rachell Clark, Lisanne Goodhue, Deborah Hofstetter, Oskar Landström, Harumi Terayama, Idan Yoav; Light, technical direction: Andreas Harder; Sound: Atsuhiro Ito; Room, Costumes: Yoko Seyama; Performance: Masaru Iwai ; Lighting: Andreas Harder; Dramaturgy: Nanako Nakajima; Organisation, communication audience group: Akiko Okamoto; Productiondramaturgy: Mira Moschallski. A production by Sebastian Matthias, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, Festival Tokyo, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Tanz im August 2016 and Sophiensaele. Supported by NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) coproduction support Tanz with resources of the comissioner of Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestags as well as by Kunststiftung NRW, the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW and Kunst- und Kulturstiftung of Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. Further supported by the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland and the Japan Foundation.