Sebastian Matthias

“chorus / groove space”

Fri 08.04. 20:00 + Sat 09.04. 20:00 + Sun 10.04. 18:00

His concern is the artistic research on mechanisms of participation and, one would really like to see someone else do that, the casual invitation to an active participation without forcing the visitor to join in. The dancer, choreographer and dance scientist Sebastian Matthias is one of tanzhaus nrw’s Factory Artists who have been working closer together with the house since 2014. With “chorus / groove space”, which was developed in Freiburg last summer, Sebastian Matthias presents a walkable performance space in which dancers encounter visitors and an amateur choir of 15 participants. As part of the research and performance series “groove space” he explores the special pulse of a city because: Are we not daily part of an ongoing urban choreography? So now Freiburg in Düsseldorf, newly realised with a choir of Düsseldorf singing enthusiasts. Accompanied by household appliances, the choir will perform a composition based on Theater Freiburg’s opera repertory by Michael Wolters. “chorus / groove space” is the third part of a performance series that Sebastian Matthias develops with alternating artists in and for different cities. He takes the dynamic structure of urban space onto the stage and looks for possibilities to let performers and audience share the same space. How can the audience support the choreography without becoming a performer itself? In June the last part of “groove space” will be developed with a local audience as well as Japanese artists at tanzhaus nrw and presented in Düsseldorf and Tokyo.

Duration: 60 Min. / Sat afterwards public talk / Sat from 23:00 something – Event for electronic club culture with acts/DJs Gilb’R (Versatile Records, Paris), Jan Schulte (Themes For Great Cities Records, Düsseldorf), Felix & Lauritz (Cosmic Surfin)

Florian Brosca Florian Brosca

Choreography, Concept: Sebastian Matthias; Co-Choreography, Dance: Jubal Battisti, Lisanne Goodhue, Isaac Spencer, Harumi Terayama, Deborah Hofstetter; Choir: tba; Light: Andreas Harder; Composition: Michael Wolters; Outfits: Marie Perglerova; Production dramaturgy: Mira Moschallski; Dramaturgical advice: Inga Wagner; Artistic production management: Ann-Christin Görtz; Choreography assistance: Deborah Hofstetter; Direction assistance, Evening direction: Sara-Lena Möllenkamp; Stage manager: Petra Stöver; Outfit assistence: Johannes Storch; Assistance composition: Paul Norman. A production by Sebastian Matthias and Stadttheater Freiburg. The Düsseldorf version is sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW as part of the project “Zusammen” and also by Kunst- und Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf.

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