Rocío Molina

"Caída del Cielo"

Sat 20.04. 20:00 + Sun 21.04. 20:00

In her play “Caída del Cielo” – roughly translated as “Fell From The Sky” –, choreographer and dancer Rocío Molina describes one woman’s quest for her roots, with her dance originating in her femininity as well as in the Earth she is kicking with her fervently pounding heels. Deeper and deeper she works her way into the layers of the sensual and the prudent, the grotesque and the beautiful. She intertwines untamed Flamenco, a rock concert and performance art. In beguiling images, with enormous energy, sweeping rhythms and great clarity, Rocío Molina takes the audience on her journey. The powerful performance, accompanied by singing, electronic beats, drums and electric bass was invited to renowned Berlin festival “Tanz im August” and will now guest at tanzhaus nrw.
Rocío Molina developed her own artistic language, based on a radical reinvention of Flamenco. In her works, she combines technical virtuosity, contemporary research and conceptual risk-taking. Rocío Molina received her education at the Madrid Royal Conservatory and has been associated artist at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris, since 2015.

Duration: 120 min. / Sun 19:00 Physical Introduction / Sun talk afterwards

What is a Physical Introduction? More HERE.

Please note: Fri 19.04 18:00 – 19:30 documentary "IMPULSO" about Rocío Molina; Director: Emilio Belmonte; Kleiner Saal, € 8,50 for everybody / Sat 20.04. 18:30 Lecture "Nacktheit im Tanz" by Susanne Zellinger, free entrance

Sun 21.04. 17:00 – 17:30 Open rehearsal "Projekt 12" by Juan Carlos Lérida, free entrance / 18:00 – 18:20 Performance "MUNTJAC. Oder was ich von einem Wal, einem Reh und einem Hyänenrudel gelernt habe. Kapitel 1: Kasatka" by Vera Köppern, free entrance

Pablo Guidali Simone Fratini

Choreography, Musical director, Dance: Rocío Molina; Artistic director: Rocío Molina, Carlos Marquerie; Original composition, Guitar: Eduardo Trassiera; Singing, E-bass: José Ángel Carmona; Palmas, Percussion: José Manuel Ramos "Oruco"; Drums, Electronical music: Pablo Martín Jones; Costume: Cecilia Molano; Lighting, Stage, Dramaturgy: Carlos Marquerie; Choreographic assistance: Elena Córdoba; Tailoring: López de Santos, Maty, Rafael Solís; Technical director, Lighting director: Antonio Serrano; Sound technology: Javier Álvarez; Stage technology: María Agar Martínez; Production management: Loïc Bastos; Production assistance: Magdalena Escoriza. A production by Danza Molina S.L., Chaillot – Théâtre National de la Danse, co-produced by INAEM. Special thanks to Emilio Belmonte and Rosario "La Tremendita", Carmen Amaya, Camarón de la Isla, Enrique Morente and Paco de Lucía.