Pastora Galván

“Pastora baila” German premiere

As part of Flamenco Festival

Sat 08.04. 20:00

Pastora Galván comes from a famous flamenco family: Her father, José Galván, and her  brother, Israel Galván, both are flamenco dancers and choreographers of renown. Her brother, with the world at his feet, is devoted to contemporary flamenco aesthetics, and Pastora Galván, a constant fixture at all great flamenco festivals around the globe, has established her signature style: She loves street flamenco. To her, it is less about grace and beauty, she likes excess. Together with impressive flamenco singers Jesús Corbacho and Galli de Moron as well as virtuoso guitarist “El Perla”, Pastora Galván simply presents herself: “Pastora baila”.

Duration: 75 min. / public talk afterwards

Luis Castilla

Dance: Pastora Galván; Singing: Jesús Corbacho, Galli de Moron; Guitar: „El Perla“; Palmas: Antonio Amaya „Petete“; Lightdesign: Antonio Valiente; Sounddesign: Ángel Olalla; Management: Soloxarte Producciones. Photographs: Luis Castilla. The Flamenco Festival takes place in cooperation with Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco, supported by Acción Cultural Española.