María Moreno

"De la concepción" German premiere

Thu 18.04. 20:00

María Moreno belongs to the young, up-and-coming generation in Flamenco that distinguishes itself through a fresh perspective on the traditional form. In “De la concepción”, she tackles her own biography, her parents’ expectations and her origins. Her dance, accompanied by voice, guitar, percussion and Palmas, is an exciting mixture of masterfully applied stylistic elements and a personal note. For her successful piece “De la concepción” that premiered at the Sevilla Biennial at the Teatro Central, she shares responsibility in her artistic team with highly regarded choreographer Eva Yerbabuena as well as with musical director Andrés Marín.

Duration: 75 min. / talk afterwards

Susana Girón

Artistic director, Choreography, Dance: María Moreno; Dramaturgy, Direction: Eva Yerbabuena; Script, Musical direction: Andrés Marín: Music: Oscar Lago; Guitar: Oscar Lago; Singing: Enrique "El Extremeño" Pepe De Pura; Percussion: Javier Teruel; Palmas: Roberto Jaén; Lighting design: Fernando Martín; Sound design: Ángel Olalla; Costume: López de Santo; Property: Daniel Estrada; Production: Saradezza; Production management: Saradezza Producciones – Agencia Andaluza de Instituticiones Culturales – Consejería de Cultura.