Lili M. Rampre & Lihito Kamiya

"Objet petit a" Premiere + "Fragments of Nostalgia"

Do 15.10. 20:00 + Fr 16.10. 20:00 + Sa 17.10. 20:00

Two shorter pieces which were produced during the festival “tanz nrw 15” as first versions were developed and can be seen as a double feature at tanzhaus nrw. "Objet petit a" by Lili M. Rampre refers to a general human need to grasp, understand and quantify, especially the ungraspable, inexplicable, the unattainable. It tries to embody this permanent act of searching, scaling and categorizing. Performers turn themselves into sensors to emphasize and transmit the manifold dimensions of fine-tunning, a human is capable of, while simultaneously confronting the incompleteness of our systems of "measuring“ our surroundings through our conceptions and representations. The title alludes to the notion of "object little a", Jacques Lacan´s theory of the unattainable object of desire.
Lihito Kamiya is known to the Düsseldorf audience through his work for the choreographers Felix Bürkle and Leandro Kees. His solo is a “bodily road movie” that symbolizes the journey through different landscapes, situations and moods. The body of the dancer becomes a projection space for various personalities. The Duisburg based artist was trained in Paris by the actor Jacques Lecog and at the Folkwang University in “physical theatre”.

Duration: 70 Min. / Fr afterwards Public Talk
Ursula Kaufmann Ursula Kaufmann

"Objet petit a" Concept: Lili M. Rampre; Developed in collaboration with: Robin Amanda Creswell Faure; Co-creation, performance: David Bauer, Robin Amanda Creswell Faure, Lili M. Rampre; Text, sound: Robin Amanda Creswell Faure. "Fragments of Nostalgia" Concept, Choreography, Performance: Lihito Kamiya; Music: Georg Rollin. "Objet petit a" is a production of Lili M. Rampre in cooperation with the tanzhaus nrw, sponsored by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, supported by a residency at PACT Zollverein Essen. Further supported by a.pass - advance performance and scenography studies, Brussels. Both productions were supported by "Sprungbrett", an initiative of the Tanzproduzenten-Konferenz NRW in the frame of the Festival "tanz nrw 15", sponsored by Kultursekretariat NRW.