Documentary film "IMPULSO"

about Rocío Molina

Fri 19.04. 18:00

Documentary film “IMPULSO” accompanies dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina while she prepares her work “Caída del Cielo” at the Paris Théâtre de Chaillot. Rocío Molina is widely regarded as Flamenco’s innovator, having developed her own idiosyncratic artistic language based on a radical reinvention of the genre. Emilio Belmonte produces a portrait of the young dancer, presenting his first feature-length documentary as the initial entry in his planned Flamenco-themed trilogy LA PIEDRA Y EL CENTRO.

Duration: 90 min. / 20:00 Ángel Muñoz "Claroscuro", Tickets + Information here

Please note: Sat 20.04. 20:00 + Sun 21.04. 20:00 Rocío Molina "Caída del Cielo“, Tickets + Information here

Pablo Guidali