Claire Cunningham

"Guide Gods“ German premiere

Series Response-ability

Fri 09.11. 20:00, Sat 10.11. 15:00 + 20:00, Mon 12.11. 11:00 + 20:00 LOCATION: LVR-GERRESHEIM

“Disability: God’s will... or simply good karma”, artist Claire Cunningham wonders with a wink. In her performance, she is questing for a perspective on disability, as employed by the world’s major religions, as she ponders the question by means of dance, live music and a lot of wit as well as through talks with clerics, academics and people with disability. Was Claire Cunningham’s disability determined by a higher power? Will she be welcomed by all belief systems? The performance will be accompanied musically by Derek Nisbet on the harmonium. Following the performance, attendees will be invited to stay for a cup of tea, to talk to each other and to reflect their own convictions. 

Claire Cunningham, Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw as well as “Associate Artist” at The Place in London, is a multidisciplinary artist and performer, mainly operating out of Glasgow. Her work is marked by her dealings with her own physical state and the use of her crutches. While expanding their original use, she creates her own movement technique with them as partners and agents. In doing so, she always also perceives her art, originating from her perspective as an artist with disability, as activism. 


Duration: 80 min. + a cup of tea / in English language, with English und German surtitles, Audio Description in English / Mon 12.11. with German Sign Language (DGS) / entry without steps and orientation system for blind people 

We regret that Audio Description in German is unavailable for this show. Audio Description is provided in English, and Visually Impaired audience members will require a good understanding of spoken English to access this work.


Venue: LVR-Berufskolleg – Fachschulen des Sozialwesens, Am Großen Dern 10, Düsseldorf // Shuttlebus starting at tanzhaus nrw: departure 30 min. before showtime

Side Programme 

There will be different accompanying talk formats in the context of “Guide Gods”. Julia Watts Belser, assistant professor at Georgetown University, has specialised in rabbinic literature and Jewish ethics and is an important interlocutor for Claire Cunningham. Her special attention is directed toward the topics of “Jewish feminism”, “queer culture”, “interdisciplinary environmental research” as well as “disability studies”. Together, they invite the audience to visit two talks on topics that have accompanied “Guide Gods” since its inception. 

So 11.11. 14:00 Talk "Welcome & Belonging: Reflections on Disability, Faith and the Arts“ with Claire Cunningham, Julia Watts Belser and theologian Marie Hecke, tanzhaus nrw, in english and german, Entrance: as you like

Brian Hartley Brian Hartley Brian Hartley

Concept, Performance: Claire Cunningham; Composition, Live-Music: Derek Nisbet; Design: Karen Tennent; Lightning Design: Brian Gorman; Stage Manager: Judy Stewart; Mentor: Tom Roden; Production: Nadja Dias; Production Management: Lynn Wiseman; Production Assistent: Freya Gosnold, Sheena Khanna, Vicky Wilson; Marketing: Vicky Wilson; Surtitle English: Louisa McDaid; Surtitle German: Ellen Gallagher; Audio Description English / Male Voice: Christopher McKiddie; Consultation barrier-free access: Robert Gale, Mairi Taylor (Flip); Photographer: Brian Hartley. A production by Claire Cunningham; commissioned by Ulster Bank Belfast Festival, Queens and the Southbank Centre. The guest appearence is funded by the British Council within UK/Germany 2018. An event by tanzhaus nrw in cooperation with Diakonie Düsseldorf, Graf Recke Stiftung, LVR-Berufskolleg – Fachschulen des Sozialwesens and KSL Düsseldorf with KulturTandem Das Festinklusival.