Choy Ka Fai

„How does a ghost choreograph?“


Sat 20.01. 19:00

With “How does a ghost choreograph?“, Choy Ka Fai, recently having worked very humorously on the evils of contemporary dance, is dedicating his efforts to the heritage of butoh: Since its inception in post-war Japan and conquering the world from there in the 1980s, innumerable new forms have emerged. For Choy Ka Fai, thisbears, first and foremost, rebellious potential, opposing the overpowering Western dance culture whilst searching for a choreographic language suited to the Asian body. Hypotheses on the legacy of butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata are now at the centre of his work, especially in its expressive form of “ankoku butō“, the dance of darkness. As per usual, Choy Ka Fai laconically engages in speculation on the technological potential to dance with the butoh master’s spirit. 

Duration: 30 min. / in English

Choy Ka Fai Choy Ka Fai

Photo: Choy Ka Fai.