Choy Ka Fai

„Dance Clinic“ Premiere

Thu 29.06. 20:00 + Fri 30.06. 20:00 + Sat 01.07. 20:00

Where does it hurt? What kind of therapy and medication does the patient require? Media artist and self-proclaimed “dance doctor” Choy Ka Fai, educated in Singapore and London, invites choreographers to enter his “Dance Clinic”. Every performance equals an individual consultation in which artists receive a read-out of their respective individual work methods, including a symptoms analysis, a check for weak points, a treatment plan and pointers for optimisation, with aid provided by “Ember Jello”, an artificial intelligence prototype developed by Choy Ka Fai. With ironic reference to the common fascination for technology, Choy Ka Fai, at once virtuosic and entertaining, stages a performance that drags the relation between choreography and science as well as the relation between technological and creative processes to the fore.
The former stipendiary at the Berlin artist house Bethanien showed the first results of his research on the intertwinings of dance and neurological processes during the TEMPS D’IMAGES festival at tanzhaus nrw already in last January. The first time he presented a work in Düsseldorf was in 2015, when he showed “SoftMachine: Rianto”, in which he introduced his multimedia archive and research project on Asian dance cultures coupled with a critique on Western-dominated perspectives on dance in Asia.

Alongside choreographers Claire Cunningham and Ligia Lewis, Choy Ka Fai is among the new artists in residence at tanzhaus nrw, one of the so-called “Factory Artists”. During the oncoming two years, they will continually use the venue as a research, production and performance space, focussing on topics like physical differences, minority politics as well as body and technology. Claire Cunningham lives and works in Glasgow. Ligia Lewis, who currently resides in Berlin and New York, was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, and Choy Ka Fai has taken up residence in Singapore and Berlin. Both through their artistically vastly different positions as well as through their varying cultural and geographical backgrounds, they deliver new impulses into the tanzhaus nrw, contributing to more diversity on stage as well as in the audience. Claire Cunningham, together with Jess Curtis, very recently guested with “The Way you Look (at me) Tonight” at tanzhaus nrw in May, and she will again guest on October 2nd and 3rd with “Give Me A Reason To Live”. Ligia Lewis will present “minor matters”, a first presentation of her work in Düsseldorf, on December 8th  and 9th.

Duration: 60 min. / Performance in English language

Katja Illner Katja Illner Katja Illner

Concept: Choy Ka Fai; Artificial Intelligence Agent: Ember Jello; Dance Patient X: Darlane Litaay; Dance Patient Y: Susanne Grau; Technology, media consultant: Mi You; Interface Design: Yusuke Kimura; Visual Design: Brandon Tay; Light-, Roomdesign: Ryoya Fudetani; Management: Mara Nedelcu. A piece by Choy Ka Fai, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw as part of MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area, a project by Hochschule Düsseldorf, Fachbereich Medien, LAVAlabs, Velamed GmbH and tanzhaus nrw, supported by EFRE. Further co-produced by Da:ns Festival Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapur.