Candoco Dance Company / Yasmeen Godder & Hetain Patel

"Face In" & "Let’s Talk About Dis" German Premiere

Fri 25.05. 20:00 + Sat 26.05. 20:00

London-based Candoco Dance Company, the company of disabled and non-disabled dancers, presents a double bill including work by choreographer Yasmeen Godder and visual artist Hetain Patel. Yasmeen Godder’s “Face In” is an ode to imagination, oozing with peculiar images, twisted expressions and uninhibited movement. With great delight, the seven dancers explore extremes and challenge social conventions, it is almost as if nature’s laws have been knocked out of order. This turbulent fictional world appears familiar yet distorted at the same time.
In contrast, the dancers in “Let’s Talk About Dis” not only throw their bodies but also their personalities and experiences into the ring. They surrender to a playful interrogation of identity and disability that reaches beyond outer appearance and superficial prejudice. Hetain Patel permits them to play with different aspects of humour, from charming to silly to sinister.
Candoco Dance Company collaborates with internationally renowned choreographers to make cutting edge dance and is world-leading in its education and advocacy work. This is the first time Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder has worked with with Candoco. She dedicates her research to different modes of movement, composition and staging formats. Her work regularly appears at tanzhaus nrw, most recently with the participative performance “SIMPLE ACTION”. Visual artist Hetain Patel creates cross-genre work in visual arts, theatre and film. His “Don’t Look at the Finger” video was shown at the children and youth festival “You’re invited, if that’s ok?” at the tanzhaus nrw.

Duration: 90 min. including an interval / Fri 19:30 Introductory talk as part of "Academies on the move" / Fri talk afterwards / Sat 19:00 Physical Introduction

What is a Physical Introduction? The Physical Introduction is a format for the audience at the tanzhaus nrw. It is aimed to all interested people who want to learn the special movement quality or the choreographic idea of a piece before the performance. Under the guidance of experienced teachers like Anja Bornsek it is about getting yourself in motion. The Physical Introduction prepares us as spectators to sharpen the senses and get access to what is happening on stage. It is not about imitating concrete scenes of the performance but being able to empathize the characteristic movement principles and intentions of a piece through improvisation and other creative exercises. It is clear: It is just fun! For the 45-minutes warm-up no experience is necessary. Comfortable clothing is useful but not a must.

Hugo Glendinning Amanda Thomas Hugo Glendinning

Dancers: Megan Armishaw, Joel Brown, Mickaella Dantas, Olivia Edginton, Laura Patay, Toke Broni Strandby, Nicolas Vendange; "Face In" Concept, choreography, direction: Yasmeen Godder; Dramaturgy: Itzik Giuli; Scenery: Gareth Green; Light design: Seth Rook Williams; Costumes: Adam Kalderon; Sound Edit: Nathan Johnson; Music: The Night by Joe Colley and Jason Lescallee; Away from my Body by Brandt Brauer Frick (Live); Pretend by The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat Emika (Live at Concergebouw Brugge); "Let’s Talk About Dis" Concept, choreography, direction: Hetain Patel; Associate choreographer: Lorena Randi; Text: Hetain Patel and company; Lighting design: Jackie Shemesh; Costumes: Valentina Golfieri; Dramaturgy: Eva Martinez; Choir consultant: Dom Stichbury; BSL translation: fingersmiths; Access consultant: Deepa Shastri. Photos: Amanda Thomas, Hugo Glendinning.
A production of Candoco Dance Company. "Face In" was commissioned by Festival Oriente Occidente and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. "Let’s Talk About Dis" was commissioned by ArtsDepot and funded by Cockayne Foundation - Grants for the Arts and the London Community Foundation. The guest performance takes place as part of the programme series „response-ability. Eine Ethik der Begegnung“, sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW.