Ayuso / Lo / Rotteveel / Sunday

„Specific people create specific problems“ premiere

As part of Shifting Realities

Fri 03.02. 21:00 + Sat 04.02. 20:00

A wild ride into the unknown. Temporary communities emerge, echoing from their differences. Between physical poetry, songs, surprises, the visible and the invisible, the quest for social cohesion begins. It is tested if seeing is really means believing, and the four performers will move between the visible and the invisible, the abstract and the palpable, for as long as it takes, until it is no longer important what or who it is.

Open Rehearsal Fri 20.01. 18:00

Katja Illner Katja Illner Katja Illner

Concept, performance: Avatâra Ayuso (London/Dresden), Israël Sunday (Lagos), Tian Rotteveel (Berlin), Fang Yun Lo (Essen), Live music: Judith Namacheke (Nairobi). Production: tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf. Shifting Realities is supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes as part of TURN – Fonds für künstlerische Kooperationen zwischen Deutschland und afrikanischen Ländern. The project activities were supported by Koproduktionsfonds des Goethe-Institut 2017. www.kulturstiftung-des-bundes.de. Photo: Tian Rotteveel & Fang Yun Lo