January 2018

With Karin Harrasser
Interdisciplinarian Symposium a.o. with Yasmeen Godder
„SIMPLE ACTION“ Dt. Erstaufführung
„Resonance“ premiere
„How does a ghost choreograph?“
Final presentation by DigitalDance Lab
„Generative Choreography“
... before the courses start.
„Hakanaï“ festival opening
... before new classes start.
... before new classes start.
Schritthalten: Visual Music Choreography & Party // TEMPS D'IMAGES

December 2017

with Carlinhos Batá, Sophie Sabar, Alesandra Seutin and Wilhelmina „Willie“ among others
Party on the areas with DJ Enver, DJ Alex and DJ Bico
"in noT" premiere
... at the end of the term
Dir. Franky Dee & Misael López
"The Hidden Door" premiere
"minor matter"
HipHop Battle hosted by Takao Baba