Anna Natt


As part of Flamenco Festivals

Sun 20.03. 20:00

“Uro”: is what remains when the glamour is taken away from the bull fight! Reduced to its single elements, postures and movements the “Corrida de Toros” becomes an event steeped in calculated bravado, displayed machismo and the fearless body of the animal. By assuming both roles, that of the bull and the bull fighter the dancer Anna Natt blurs the boundaries between man and animal. With her solo the American born artist shows a work reduced to a minimum of dance and rhythm and stresses how much our archaic emotions are connected to traditions like bullfighting.

Duration: 70 Min. / afterwards public talk

Roger Rossell

Concept and performance: Anna Natt; Video: Roger Rossell; Dramaturgy advice: Anet Fröhlicher.