Ángel Muñoz


Fri 19.04. 20:00

In “Claroscuro”, singer and Flamenco dancer Ángel Muñoz explores the undefinable, hypnotic field between bright (claro) and dark (oscuro), together with exceptional electro-acoustic musician Artomático. Here, shadows awaken for a mystical game. Inspired by painting masters such as Ribera or Rembrandt, Ángel Muñoz deals with the occult in crepuscule, and he draws the curtain open on things one can only suspect in darkness: Shapes, bodies, shadows. The electronic soundtrack will be complemented by singer and guitarist Miguel Ortega and the live sounds of Diego Villegas on saxophone, clarinet, flute and mouth organ. In “Claroscuro”, Ángel Muñoz reaches the climax of his musicality and of his compositional prowess, presenting a Flamenco performance that questions one’s own perception.

Duration: 75 min. / 19:00 Physical Introduction / talk afterwards

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Please note: Fri 19.04 18:00 – 19:30 Documentary film "IMPULSO" about Rocío Molina,
€ 8,50 for everybody

Javier Fergo

Dance, Choreography: Ángel Muñoz; Artistic Director: Daniel Muñoz; Lighting: Antonio Valiente; Sound: Chipi Cacheda; Musical composition, arrangements; Artomático, Miguel Ortega, Diego Villegas; Singing, Guitar: Miguel Ortega; Saxophone, clarinet, flute, harmonica: Diego Villegas; Electronical live music, samples, sequences: Artomático; Production: Ángel Muñoz, Daniel Muñoz.