Ana Morales

"Sin permiso (Canciones para el silencio)" German premiere

Fri 12.04. 20:00 + Sat 13.04. 20:00 (remaining tickets at the evening box-office)

There are spaces in our interior that are like closets. Flamenco dancer and choreographer Ana Morales has discovered just such a room: In “Sin permiso (Canciones para el silencio)”, she dives into her father’s past (and thus, into her own past) without obtaining his permission (sin permiso). Thus, she awakens memories of hushed events, of Andalusia and of Flamenco, dedicating numerous songs to them: Songs for the silence (Canciones para el silencio). Supported by dancer José Manuel Álvarez and with live accompaniment provided by voice, guitar, electronic music and drums, Ana Morales enters a forbidden place to confront her memories and exorcise them.

Duration: 75 min. / Fri 19:30 opening reception / Sat talk afterwards

Please note: Sat 15:00 – 16:30 Lecture "Flamenco inklusiv" with José Galán / Sat 18:30 street version "Sueños reales de cuerpos posíbles" Compañía José Galán

Benjamin Mengelle

Stage, artistic direction: Guilermo Weickert, Ana Morales; Choreography: Ana Morales, José Manuel Álvarez; Artistic assistance: David Coria; Dance: Ana Morales, José Manuel Álvarez; Music: Juan José Amador (Singing), Juan Antonio Suarez "Canito” (Guitar), Daniel Suárez (Drums, electronic music); Stage technic: Jorge Limosnita; Sound design, Sound technic: Kike Seco; Lichting design: Olga García (A.A.I.); Stage design: Francisco Munzón; Costume: Pilar Cordero, Lopez de Santos, Belén de la Quintana, Marcela, Cotelac; Cooperation: Michio Woirgardt (electronic music), Sabio multiinstrument contemporaneo, Ivan Bavcevic (School of Conscience); Management, Distribution, Production management: Daniela Lazary (Artemovimiento); Production assisteance: Jorge Limosnita. A production by Cía Ana Morales and Artemovimiento, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, London Flamenco Festival / Sadler‘s Wells and Festival de Jerez. With kind support of Junta de Andalucia, Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales Consejeria de cultura, Conservatorio de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler, escuela Pública de formación Cultural and Centro Cívico Juan Antonio González Caraballo.