Queen Blood: House Dance

Workshop with Paradox-Sal

To fully immerse yourself in the Queen Blood universe, take part in this workshop with dancers from Paradox-Sal. This initiation will be an opportunity for them to share their practice of house dance as well as their very own choreographic style coming from hip hop. 
Get ready for a big dose of energy!


Queen Blood


Paradox-Sal is an all-female house dance group founded in 2012 by Ousmane "Baba" Sy. 
The group brings together dancers with different styles and backgrounds and uses house as a common vocabulary to perform. The uniqueness of the group is explained by the mix of different styles that the dancers practice, such as lock, jazz, pop, hype, dancehall, hip hop, traditional African dances, contemporary dances, waacking, floorwork, etc. A bundle of energy united by a common language, house dance.
The team reflects the diversity and plurality of contemporary hip-hop culture: current, intergenerational, inclusive and remarkable. That's because each of the dancers draws from their roots and backgrounds to evolve, using house as a bridge to join forces.