Argentine Tango

Workshop with Andrea & Armin Arabi

For this course an registration is only possible in couples.

Argentine tango has been a constant source of fascination for more and more people around the world for many years. The tanzhaus nrw tango team, consisting of Jost Budde, Stefanie Pla Pérez, Andrea Stegmaier and Mareike Focken, has developed a distinctive teaching method that enables participants to dance freely from the first class on. Their style is informed by many long nights in Buenos Aires’ Milongas, while they join traditional elements with modern influence, the so-called neo tango or tango nuevo tendencies in the younger generation of dancers. Their well-founded classes bring the “connection with the partner” to the fore, or, as Jost puts it, “couple dancing in embrace”.
In this, tango resembles an “open source system”: “We convey technical foundations and movement principles as tools or building blocks for individual development,” according to Mareike. Accordingly, improvisation and creativity are very important: Argentine tango always emerges within each separate moment, through embrace and the desire to move harmoniously to the music. “Due to the lack of a strict sequence of steps, all senses are called for, and only paying one hundred percent attention to the partner will yield a harmonious flow in movement,” says Stefanie.
Andrea adds that the aim of the classes lies in “refining the dance couple’s communication. With this, the ability to interpret the music even more individually, more in improvisation, more directly, will grow, and a dynamic variety of movement will be reached. High-level tango dancing leads to a merging within the couple and the music, in which every moment is irretrievable and so one hundred percent authentic.”

For this course an registration is only possible in couples.

The Facebook group linked below is for finding dance partners for our couples dance classes:

Zu sehen sind die Tanzdozent*innen Andrea Stegmaier del Prado und Armin Arabi, sie mit hochgesteckten Haaren und schwarz-weissem Oberteil und er mit Glatze und Bart, einem türkis-schwarz gemustertem Hemd und Hosenträgern

Andrea & Armin Arabi

The tanzhaus tango-team consists of Jost Budde, Stefanie Pla Pérez, Mareike Focken and Andrea. They teach in different constellations and were instrumental in setting up tango classes at tanzhaus nrw.

Andrea grew up in Chile. There she began training as a stage dancer and dance teacher, subsequently completing her education in Germany. Having taught tango for many years, in her classes she focuses particularly on the individuality of the participants and on bringing out their own expression and potential.

Armin Arabi has already taught many generations of dancers in Essen, Wuppertal and Krefeld. He has worked with the tanzhaus tango-team for many years - both as a teacher and on stage. Teaching tango has become more and more fulfilling for him over the years. However, he is also passionate about performing regularly at tango events around Europe. He dances with great precision and musicality.


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    Argentine Tango
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    Andrea & Armin Arabi
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    Sun 13:30 – 15:30
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    28,00€ / 24,00€ discount