Dance for people with Parkinson´s Disease and their accompanying persons

Open Class with Bridget Q. Fearn und Dawna P. Dryhorub

Dance, applied in parallel to therapy, can alleviate Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and can significantly contribute to a better quality of life for people with a movement disorder. Bridget Q. Fearn and Dawna P. Dryhoub have been teaching courses for people with Parkinson’s Disease at tanzhaus nrw since 2016. Alternating in the classes, they offer elements from different dance styles that are adapted individually to suit the participants, thus helping counter concomitant disease phenomena such as impairments in balance, flexibility and coordination.
In a relaxed and open environment, the participants will be encouraged to recapture the feeling for their body and to test and expand possibilities in movement with the help of guided improvisation.  
Bridget and Dawna took educational classes for dance with people with Parkinson’s Disease from David Leventhal, the founder of DANCE for PD® in New York. With this foundation and their knowledge as experienced dancers and instructors, they designed a program that helps participants alleviate their handling of the disease and which has proven itself in practice. Freiburg-based US-American dancer and choreographer Monica Gillette brought her rich experience in dance for people with Parkinson’s disease to Germany, and in turn, the classes held at tanzhaus nrw also add significantly to the further development of the field. Please note: This offering does not substitute for therapy. No previous knowledge is necessary or required.

Dance studio

Bridget Q. Fearn und Dawna P. Dryhorub

When Dawna P. Dryhorub first started ballet dancing at age three, the decision was already taken: “I want to be a dancer!” She took additional classes in tap dance, jazz dance and folkloristic dance, subseqently pursuing her dance education at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she specialised in Graham and classical dance. She received an invitation to collaborate on a project in Düsseldorf during the mid-1990s and swiftly became an artist close to the “Werkstatt”, the precursor of tanzhaus nrw. The native Canadian remained in Germany and participated in various productions by, among others, Rodolpho Leoni and Samir Akika. She offered trainings at Folkwang Tanzstudio for many years and was a guest lecturer for classical dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts. 2020 will see Dawna concluding her Master’s degree in dance sciences from Bern University in 2020.

Bridget Q. Fearn comes from California and is a highly regarded colleague with a longstanding expertise in dance, bringing with her creativity, vibrancy, enthusiasm, openness and a lot of humour. First and foremost, she carries a wealth of experience in international dance and performance as well as in teaching. Bridget became a part of the tanzhaus nrw instructors’ family in 1987 and, with her knowledge, has been critical in shaping the course section in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap dance as well as in hip hop. Together with US-born dancer Marvin A. Smith, she imported an exciting new street jazz spirit, situated somewhere between urban and jazz dance, to Germany and to tanzhaus nrw in the 1990s. Some of her current students have been attending her classes for 25 years now. Also, the later established contact  between tanzhaus nrw and dancer, lecturer and choreographer Corey Action-Harrison from Oakland was also arbitrated by Bridget. Additionally, Bridget is a certified yoga teacher and works with people who have fallen ill with Parkinson’s Disease or multiple sclerosis. Apart from her more than 30 years of teaching experience, she danced on stages around the globe and receives choreography commissions from, among others, Staatstheater Mainz or for the German premiere of David Bowie’s “Lazarus” musical, directed by Matthias Hartmann at Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.


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    Open Class
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    Dance for people with Parkinson´s Disease and their accompanying persons
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    Bridget Q. Fearn und Dawna P. Dryhorub
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    Thu 10:30 – 12:00
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    single ticket € 8,-

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