Contemporary Dance

Professional Training with Chrystel Guillebeaud

Professional training offers regular, in general classically structured classes, depending on the respective instructors and their specific artistic background. With a roster of guest instructors in weekly rotation, this provides the opportunity of remaining in training as well as getting acquainted with different techniques, modes of operation and instructional methods.
The training also offers parallel ballet classes and courses in the different varieties of hybrid contemporary dance. The alternating contemporary dance programme presents an especially broad, diverse understanding of technique, shaped by the invited guest instructors.


Portrait of Chrystel Guillebeaud

Chrystel Guillebeaud

Chrystel Guillebaud studied ballet with Daniel Franck and Gilbert Meyer at the Opéra de Paris, also studying modern jazz, for example, with Raza Hammadi, and also modern dance as well as Tai chi. Additionally, she studied singing and violin as well as visual arts at the Musée des Arts Déco de Paris. From 1988 until 1994, she worked with Philippe Découfflé, Maryse Delente and Maurice Béjart, going on to become an ensemble member of Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre. She has been active as a freelance artist since 2000, founding company DOUBLE C and art association Wup d.c. in Wuppertal together with Chun-Hsien Wu. She received the Von der Heydt Support Grant as a choreographer in 2006. She directed the dance training at the Städtische Bühne Münster and teaches courses at Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus. While there, she also participated in a number of productions in a choreography capacity. She works as a teacher at Bochum’s “Theater Total”, and she is also an actress, dancer and choreographer at Heiner Bontrup’s Theater Anderwelten. Addtionally, she participated in different productions by choreographer Jean Laurent Sasportes. Since 2010, she is a practicing Ortho-Bionomy therapist.