Jazz Classic

Course with Colin Sinclair

Classroom classes will only take place live with participants at the tanzhaus. Should it no longer be possible to continue the face-to-face classes due to pandemic restrictions, the remaining dates would be cancelled.

Colin’s modern jazz style is comprised of precisely set, fast and refined elements from both the areas of modern and jazz dance. He conveys elements by the most eminent modern dance choreographers, among them Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham and José Limón, and combines them with jazz dance vocabulary that includes polycentric movement, fast footwork and an elegant body line, besides other aspects.
Colin wants to create an atmosphere for the participants in which they can forget their everyday stress, where they can be good to themselves and a space where they can express themselves through dance. “You will be surprised by what you are capable of.”

Portrait of Colin Sinclair

Colin Sinclair

Colin Sinclair is a creative multi-talent. The Londoner is not only a dancer, choreographer and lecturer, he is also the designer for his own fashion label and the artistic director behind Theater Company Sinclair Arts. He was active as a model for name brands, later founding a creative talent agency. He also won a number of awards as a screenwriter and graduated from New York Film Academy. His most formative dance experiences were gathered in London underground clubs. He was selected by the judging panel at a Covent Garden dance event, and they invited him to study at the Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts in London. Following this, Colin worked as a singer and dancer in numerous TV shows and musicals, among them Peter Maffay’s “Tabaluga und Lili” with a stint from 2000 until 2003. As a choreographer, Colin also worked for one of the largest US-American broadcasting and film production companies. Colin now teaches throughout Europe and has been a tanzhaus nrw instructor since 2005.