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Course with Britta Koch

Online Classes take place weekly live on ZOOM. These courses are designed specifically for the online format and enable personal feedback through a limited number of participants. Online courses offer the highest predictability, safety and the possibility to participate in classes of tanzhaus nrw even when you are far from Düsseldorf.

Britta teaches a varied mix of urban styles, modern dance, jazz dance, contemporary dance and dance theatre for children and youths. While the younger participants playfully get to know dance basics through little tasks and stories, developing a feeling for their bodies, the space and their fellow dancers, the older participants will deal more with the techniques in different dance styles. The choreographies danced may be inspired by movement ideas, songs or movement sequences. Some are predetermined, others originate in the process from and with the dancers. The freedom given by the fact that every human being is different and that together, one may achieve great things, opens her courses for people with special physical or mental requirements, too. Britta sees her courses as decidedly inclusive.

Porträt von Britta Koch

Britta Koch

Britta Koch is not only active as a dance pedagogue, choreographer and dancer, but also as a certified remedial teacher and health advisor GGB. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s course “V.I.E.W – Teach, Dance, Evaluate, Know” at German Sports University Cologne. “My wide-ranging education enables me to view my courses and workshops from many angles.” Britta discovered her passion for dance at age 14, when she took modern jazz dance lessons. What was a hobby for many years became a profession following her remedial teacher studies at Cologne University. She completed her dance pedagogue training at Off-Theater Neuss. She widened her experiences in contemporary dance at, among other places, the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHK) (Amsterdam’s Art University), at the Berlin Tanzfabrik, at tanzhaus nrw and at Impulstanz in Vienna. She later completed her education to become a Somatic Movement Therapist” in VMI technique (Vocal Dance & Voice-Movement Integration and Vital Movement Integration) with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam. She has specialised in the field of inclusive dance for more than two decades, teaching it nationally and internationally. She gained far-reaching experience in this area through courses and projects by Adam Benjamin, Alito Alessi, Handicapace, Candoco Dance, Vera Rebel, Gerda König, and others. Britta Koch has been a tanzhaus nrw instructor since 2006.