About Ronaldo

Ronaldo Navarro was born in São Paulo/Brazil and successfully completed his ballet education in the Royal Academy of Dancing style. An engagement at Bremerhaven’s municipal theatre led him to come to Germany in 1993, where he would go on to later freelance work as a dancer with dance theatre icons such as Reinhild Hoffmann or Johann Kresnik at his Choreographical Theatre at the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxemburg Platz in Berlin. Ronaldo has been living in Düsseldorf since 2007, working as a classical ballet teacher at tanzhaus nrw since 2017. 

His classes include excercises for the muscles, a refinement of the technique (as needed for balance, pirouettes and jumps), stretching  and – most importantly – dance combinations: “Because ballet is first and foremost a wonderful dance and therefore should not only be trained but also be danced.” Further, Ronaldo puts emphasis on a precise musical tuning, an exact synchronisation of the exercises and the music. Classical ballet’s intensive physical training, which is improving the leg and back muscles, the body tension and finally the whole body posture, is an indispensable basis for many other dance styles.

Ronaldo Navarro