About Cinthia Nisiyama

"With lots of power, rhythm, improvisation and most of all, fun, we will awaken the spirits!" Born in São Paulo, Cinthia worked with many well-known contemporary choreographers and companies in Brazil after her classical ballet training. She has been living and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Germany since 2005, and as a dance teacher since 2009. "I found a healthier and more appropriate expression in modern and contemporary dance," says Cinthia.

With the company Moneka-Theater she has been performing her own children's dance theater pieces since 2015. Cinthia enables participants to playfully explore their own diverse range of movement options. An important goal of her work is the respectful treatment of the body. Through targeted choreographic tasks and improvisation, Cinthia would like to strengthen the self-confidence of her students, because "They are good the way they are".

Cinthia teaches contemporary dance on Wednesdays for teenagers who want to explore their movement potential and learn basic movement techniques. Book your spot HERE.

Cinthia Nisiyama sitzt angelehnt an einen Spiegel. Sie trägt einen gelben Pullover.