German Premiere

Sara Cano

A palo seco
Small Stage
Eine Flamenco Tänzerin in einem opulenten, weißen Kleid.

Bulky yet clear and direct at the same time: Sara Cano celebrates pure dance in her first solo which carries like an a cappella choir. With explicit borrowings from butoh and contemporary dance, she creates a universe she describes in the words of Kazuo Ohno, who significantly left his stamp on butoh as a dance style: Dance comes from the depths of the self, from the soul.

Sara Cano steps onto the path of constantly pouring her dance into new forms. In three scenes, she retraces the steps of change towards a timeless, yet even more personal form of dance. In “KAI”, the first scene, the garments of dance are at the centre, where the “bata de cola” meets the kimono and the fan becomes the connecting element between flamenco and kabuki theatre. This is followed by “Sintempo“, a voyage into the past, celebrating traditional flamenco musically, initiating the body into the world of butoh. In the third part, Sara Cano, it seems, has arrived in the present, yet already she is pointing beyond the now. The accompanying sound will be provided by Spanish composer Héctor Gonzáles as well as renowned singer Alberto Funes.

Duration: 55 min.

Accompanying Programme
Sun 25.03. discussion afterwards


Artistic Management, Choreography, Dance: Sara Cano; Scenic Direction: Tèrese Nieto; Light design: Gloria Montesinos; Original music : Héctor Gonzáles; Music: Aléix Tobías; Voice: Alberto Funes; Costume design: Elisa Sanz; Costume manufacturing: Mayka Chamorro, Dolores Durán; Costume painting: María Calderón; Light: Gloria Montesinos; Sound: Jorge Días »Roy«; Production: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza; Management: David Arrabal; Distribution: Elena Santonja.