Creative Children's Dance

Course with Cinthia Nisiyama

Classroom classes will only take place live with students in tanzhaus. If it is no longer possible to continue the face-to-face classes due to pandemic restrictions, the remaining dates would be cancelled.

Creativity, imagination and the joy of movement are the focus of creative children's dance. In Cinthia’s class stories are told through dance and feelings are transformed into movement. With great empathy she responds to the needs of the children and offers them space to try out dance and rhythm individually. Cinthia wants to strengthen the students' body awareness and make dance elements accessible to them. "With lots of power, rhythm, improvisation and most of all fun, we will awaken the spirits!"

Cinthia Nisiyama

Cinthia Nisiyama

Cinthia Nisiyama, born in Sao Paulo, worked after her classical ballet training with many well-known contemporary choreographers and companies in Brazil. She has been living and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Germany since 2005, and as a dance teacher since 2009. With the company Moneka-Theater she has been performing her own children's dance theater pieces since 2015.