Gaga Dancers

Course with Ale Jara

Gaga is a movement language. Ohad Naharin, referred to as “Mr. Gaga” (which is also the title of a movie portrait about him), longstanding director of Tel Aviv-based Batsheva Dance Company, developed this language. Batsheva dancers practice Gaga on a daily basis. Gaga not only strengthens one’s awareness for movement but also enhances endurance, power, mobility and flexibility. Instinctive movements will be intensified and joined with conscious and unconscious gestures. Additionally, Gaga provides an opportunity to allow us to listen to our bodies, to be generous towards others and to deepen the inward gaze. Well-being and pleasure are always in focus. This movement language is a valuable asset for both professional dancers as well as for participants without prior dance experience.

Portrait of Ale Jara

Ale Jara

Ale Jara, originally from Paraguay, lives and works in Cologne. She joined the National Ballet of Paraguay in 1999, going on to tour internationally with it as a versatile dancer for nine years. She graduated from Ohio State University with a Master of Fine Arts in Dance in 2011, completing her education as a certified Gaga trainer in Israel one year later. She is a recipient of, among other grants, a UNESCO and a Fulbright scholarship and is not only highly regarded as an outstanding expert within her field, but also as a very mindful human being full of positive energy: “I am interested in seeing people’s passion to move while they move, more than wonderful shapes. Gaga helps me to enrich myself with more delicate information and gave me the tools to guide the people inside my class to listen to their bodies.” Ale has been teaching Gaga at tanzhaus nrw since 2017, both for professional dancers as well as for participants without prior dance experience.