Progressing Ballet Technique® (PBT®)

Course with Dawna P. Dryhorub

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative and multifaceted dance training method developed by Australian ballet dancer Marie Walton-Mahon, specifically aimed at ballet dancers of all ages. With the aid of several different devices, like balls, posture, strength, shifting of weight, outward spins, control and balance can be improved while also practising the activation of the correct muscle groups. The focus lies on muscle memory, because once the body has memorised movement sequences, the attention can be directed towards artistic aspects. PBT also aims for the rehabilitation as well as for the prevention of injury and is an intense strengthening program encompassing all muscles.

Portrait Dawna Dryhorub

Dawna P. Dryhorub

When Dawna P. Dryhorub first started ballet dancing at age three, the decision was already taken: “I want to be a dancer!” She took additional classes in tap dance, jazz dance and folkloristic dance, subseqently pursuing her dance education at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she specialised in Graham and classical dance. She received an invitation to collaborate on a project in Düsseldorf during the mid-1990s and swiftly became an artist close to the “Werkstatt”, the precursor of tanzhaus nrw. The native Canadian remained in Germany and participated in various productions by, among others, Rodolpho Leoni and Samir Akika. She offered trainings at Folkwang Tanzstudio for many years and was a guest lecturer for classical dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts. 2020 will see Dawna concluding her Master’s degree in dance sciences from Bern University in 2020.


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    Progressing Ballet Technique® (PBT®)
  • Instructor
    Dawna P. Dryhorub
  • Start date
    Sat 15:00 – 16:00
  • Fee
    55,00€ / 40,00€ discount