Djembé Dance

Course with Diene „Waaw Waaw“ Sagna

Classroom classes will only take place live with participants at the tanzhaus. Should it no longer be possible to continue the face-to-face classes due to pandemic restrictions, the remaining dates would be cancelled.

The Djembè dance is a dance of the Mandinke, an ethnic group from West Africa. The rhythms of the Djembè drum, invented in the 12th century, are danced to today in Mali, Guinea, Senegal and other neighboring West African countries. The energetic and expressive dance conveys a conscious experience and use of our body. In class, participants learn to understand the special communication between drum and dance and enjoy gaining an insight into West African rhythm.

This course will be accompanied by a live drummer.


Diene „Waaw Waaw“ Sagna

Diene "Waaw Waaw" Sagna grew up in Senegal and founded his own dance company Yaye Dib Dance there in 2008. Diene Sagna is considered a master of Sabar dance and has worked with artists such as Baaba Maal, Youssou N`Dour, Mory Kanté and Coumba Gawlo Seck. He has also been organising regular dance workshops in Senegal since 2011, which are aimed at an international audience. Diene is recognised for his friendly and motivating as well as challenging way of teaching. His classes are welcoming to everyone. For him as a teacher and artist, the tanzhaus nrw is an important place of encounter: "For me, the tanzhaus nrw is like a big family where everyone believes in one thing - dance." With dedication, Diene, who now lives in Bonn, devotes himself to promoting West African art and culture. Performances, courses, workshops and other events have taken him to 40 countries so far.