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How do I register?

Online: As soon as you have made a decision for an Academy offer, you may book through our website. A copy of the registration form will be sent to you via e-mail. You will be notified by us in the event that the course or workshop you have selected is already fully booked. Find the Academy’s courses and workshops on offer HERE.

On Site: Academy staff will be personally available to you for guidance and registering at the Infothek, the Academy’s service point, Monday to Friday from 3 pm until 8.30 pm and from 11 am until 3 pm on the weekend. You may reach us by phone usually from Monday to  Friday from 3 pm until 8.30 pm. The opening times do not apply during general holidays or during North Rhine-Westphalian school holidays.

Please note the General Terms and Conditions.

Banking details
tanzhaus nrw e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE11 30050110 0044 014736

Charges, fees and discounts

Please find the information on charges and fees within the information on the respective course, workshop, project, open class or advanced training.

Eligibility for discount: Students up until the age of 27, Düsselpass-holding participants or participants with comparable verification are eligible for a discount. Respective discount verification must be produced at the start of the course or workshop at the latest. Failure to do so renders discount eligibility void.

Discounts for multiple bookings in the I/2020 semester:
Sum of all bookings Reduction
€ 700 € 50
€ 850 € 100
€ 1000 € 150
€ 1150 € 200
€ 1300 € 250

Workshops taking place only during specially scheduled events such as the Tap Dance Days and offerings for which special rulings apply are exempt and excluded from this ruling.

Discounts for multiple bookings Teens & Kids:
If you enrol for multiple courses from the Teens & Kids section, you will receive a 10% discount on all courses. The same discount applies when siblings participate in the same or different courses.

Payment by several instalments is possible for courses running throughout a semester of four to six months. The first instalment is due at the start of the course, the second instalment will be due on 3 April 2020 (I/ 2020 semester).

What is an Open Class?

Open Class consists of open trainings in which every class unit is self-contained. So, in contrast to courses, open classes do not build upon previous units. In this way, we want to accommodate all those who may not be able to commit easily due to timing restraints or who only want to train sporadically. However, you may also book the open classes for their whole duration like a course or purchase a multi-ticket 10. For more info, please see Charges and Discounts.

Participation fee Open Classes:
1 x 60 min. for € 13 / 10 (reduced)
1 x 90 min. for € 18 / 15 (reduced)

Multi-Ticket 10 / Open Classes:
Multi-Ticket 10 for 10 x 60 min. € 120 / 90 (reduced)
Multi-Ticket 10 for 10 x 90 min. € 170 / 140 (reduced)
You may freely choose when to redeem your tickets.

What level?

A as in Anfänger*in/ Beginner: The participants will learn the underlying principles of a dance technique in doable exercises, first step combinations and mini choreographies, gaining the opportunity to experience the much-lauded dance flow with the aid of the instructors. Pluck up the courage!

AmV as in Anfänger*in mit Vorkenntnissen/ Experienced Beginners: We recommend having initial dance experience under one’s belt before enrolling, from the Beginner Course, for example, to be properly equipped with enough security to enter the next level and encounter new challenges. Building on these fundamentals, the participants will face stronger challenges and support within new tasks, more complex mini choreographies and (possibly) free improvisation. Sounds like work, but it is fun, first and foremost.

M as in Mittelstufe/ Experienced: We also recommend bringing solid dance experience, for example from an Experienced Beginners course, as well as regular training. This technical security, as we may call it, helps to move confidently between an awareness for one’s own body, its potential, but also its own boundaries and the next challenges. Shorter choreographies evolve into longer pieces, and the dancers gain more opportunity for freedom in expression and individual configuration of the movement material.

F as in Fortgeschritten/ Advanced: Predictable by now, we know, but we also recommend carrying solid previous dance experience from an Experienced course here, as well as regular training. Depending on the dance style, the instructors will challenge dancers with more complex warm-ups, combinations throughout space as well as with sophisticated choreographies. In short, we are on the home straight for the next level.

P as in Profi/ Professional: Dancers should be enrolled in academic dance training or have graduated already to use this offering as part of their regular vocational practice.

Give the gift of dance!

Gift certificates made out to variable amounts are available at the Academy Infothek counter during our usual opening times, Monday to Friday from 3 pm until 8.30 pm. We will gladly send you a gift certificate in the mail upon request. Please talk to us or let us know about your requests at


Be our guest! Suggestions, requests and feedback regarding our offerings are very welcome. Please refer to the letterbox labelled “Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig (Your opinion counts for us)” at the Infothek, where you will also find a specially created submission template. Please feel free to also contact us at, via phone at +49 (211) 17 270-27 or by mail.