Hi Robot – Das Mensch Maschine Festival

What are the bodies of the future, and how do they function, think, and feel? Is the biological body an obsolescent model or the basic hardware of a mechanism that can be expanded upon at will? Will encounters with robots, cyborgs and wearers o...


Martin Nachbar

Thu 21.03. 20:00 + Fri 22.03. 21:30 HI, ROBOT! We have always sought to enhance our bodies with technology and to compensate for deficiencies: Pacemakers and hearing aids, chips and smartphones – there can no longer be any talk of...


Huang Yi

Fri 22.03. 20:00 + Sat 23.03. 20:00 HI, ROBOT! Taiwanese dancer, choreographer and inventor Huang Yi asks an industry robot for a dance. Its name: KUKA. This robotic arm, owned by the Kuka company, is highly efficient – and consti...


Rhizomatiks Research / Elevenplay / Kyle McDonald

Fri 29.03. 20:00 + Sat 30.03. 20:00 + Sun 31.03. 20:00 HI, ROBOT! Human performers meet computer-generated bodies, calculated visualisations of movement meet flitting drones! Machine learning and computer vision drive this previously un...


Flamenco Festival

The ten-day Flamenco Festival, always taking place at Easter, will once again show the presence of Flamenco. Six stage events revolve around subjects of identity, gender roles and affiliation, particularly negotiating the role of women in Flame...


On Stage


"Sitzung | Session 2019"

A performative-participatory project by Clemens Krauss
Hi Robot – Das Mensch Maschine Festival

Martin Nachbar

"This Thing I Am"
Hi Robot – Das Mensch Maschine Festival

Huang Yi

Hi Robot – Das Mensch Maschine Festival
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Soleá y Bulería

Ana Morales
Flamenco Festival


María Moreno
Flamenco Festival

Gaga/people und Improvisation

Ale Jara

Young Tanzhaus


fABULEUS & GRIP / Jan Martens

Melancholie & Muskeln series

House Dance

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Happy Moves

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Publication “Bodies of Evidence“, edited by Gurur Ertem and Sandra Noeth

The 280-page tome focuses on the body as witness, document and actor: It is a testament to the movement between and across boundaries that are drawn by power vectors such as nation states, sovereignty and normativity. The book collects more than 20 voices form the arts, politics and civil society. In essays, interviews, dialogues and case studies, the contributions deal with the question how bodies are entwined in current “crises” and which ethical political questions may thus arise. So, “Bodies of Evidence” enables new perspectives on physicalness, a category rarely scrutinised in this context. The anthology, commissioned by tanzhaus nrw, was published by Viennese publishing house Passagen Verlag during the 2018 Leipzig Book Fair. 

Gurur Ertem, Sandra Noeth (eds.) „Bodies of Evidence. Ethics, Aesthetics, and Politics of Movement“; 280 pages; 2018 Passagen Verlag Vienna; ISBN 978-3-7092-0303-3; 235 x 155 mm; in Engl. language.