Factory Artists

06_2017: The new Factory Artists 2017 to 2019 are Claire Cunningham, Ligia Lewis and Choy Ka Fai. Soon more.


We named them “Factory Artists“ and bid them welcome as part of the team. tanzhaus nrw has tied the first generation of Factory Artists closer to the house for two years from 2014 to 2016: Jan Martens (Antwerp), Alexandra Waierstall (Düsseldorf) and Sebastian Matthias (Berlin). New productions was realized on site and  be presented as premieres at tanzhaus nrw. Futhermore they connected close to the audience with projects, master classes and other activities.


“Let´s put an end to nomadic production!” A statement by Bettina Masuch, tanzhaus nrw director, in Kwest 06/2014

Jan Martens_Perfection is borink.

Jan Martens, born in 1984, has been praised i.a. by dance magazine “tanz” as one of the “hopes of 2015”. “He has a feeling for topics beyond the mainstream, a signature of his own with an affinity to the narrative and a vocabulary that he takes from everyday life. On stage he reaches for the truth, and he can touch the audience”, “tanz” states. Congratulations from us, also for the Charlotte Köhler award in July 2015, presented yearly to young talents from theater, dance and arts by the Dutch Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds. Jan received the award for “The Dog Days are over”, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw.

In “The Common People“, that was premiered at tanzhaus nrw from May 2016, 12th to 13th in tanzhaus nrw, Jan has researched on the fields of approach, intensity and trust, aimed at us, the “common people“. For his latest project during that period of research, he also made a stop at Düsseldorf, where there was a local call for applications. For 24 “blind dates” Jan found 24 regional participants, with or without dance training, and from the widest walks of life. These encounters between two people who had never seen each other before, took place in front of an audience, neither rehearsed to death nor otherwise secured. Those duos were unique and attached to the moment. During the three hours performance marathon the audience was invited to visit or leave whenever they wanted.



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Alexandra Waierstall_Transition and in between

Alexandra Waierstall and the composer and piano player Volker Bertelmann, known as HAUSCHKA, worked together for the first time. Their “A CITY SEEKING ITS BODIES” was premiered at tanzhaus nrw in September 2015, a joint examination of ghost towns, no man´s lands, forgotten regions and of dance and music. The creation was shown in a revival in February 2016, 19th + 20th. In the context of a work-in-progress, Alexandra, who was nominated for the renown Kurt Jooss Price 2016, had been shown her work "And here we meet" in May 2016 and her youngest production "(T)here And After" in November 2016.

Link: www.alexandrawaierstall.com

So sorry, only in German language available
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Sebastian Matthias_Participation and the common flow

After several guest appearances and other formats, Sebastian Matthias presented his production "chorus / groove space“ together with a Düsseldorf choir of amateurs in tanzhaus nrw in May 2016, 08th to 10th. In June 2016, 02th to 04th, Sebastian premiered with "x / groove space" in tanzhaus nrw, which brought the groove of Tokyo to Düsseldorf.



Link: Rheinische Post/Thomas Hag 12.03.2015