fabien prioville dance company

Thu 29.09. 20:00 + Fri 30.09. 20:00 + Sat 01.10. 20:00

The starting point of Fabien Prioville’s latest work is a masterpiece of dance history of the 20th century: Pina Bausch’s “Café Müller”. Fabien P...


Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy

Sun 02.10. 15:00 + Mon 03.10. 15:00 + Tue 04.10. 10:00 + Wed 05.10. 10:00

This here is aimed at all the party animals out there! With “PARTY” the choreographers Alfredo Zinola and Maxwell McCarthy invite you to the dance flo...


Kadir “Amigo” Memis

Sat 15.10. 18:00 + Sun 16.10. 18:00

“Hey, bitch!” young people often hurl insults at each other without being aware of the violence of these words.  Youth slang becomes a secret language, even a battle to distance onese...


Taoufiq Izeddiou

Fri 21.10. 20:00 + Sat 22.10. 20:00

Dance and live music combining traditional Arabic and contemporary elements clash in the new piece by TaoufiqIzeddiou. The Moroccan choreographer one of the central artists of the North African dance ...


Dance On Ensemble

Fri 28.10. 20:00

A summit meeting in the best sense of the word. William Forsythe has created a new duet for Christopher Roman and the dancer Jill Johnson who for the first time works with the DANCE ON ensemble as a guest dancer. Both d...


On Stage


fabien prioville dance company

“La Suite” premiere


Event for electronic sub culture/Party in co-operation with Suffon.de

Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy

“PARTY” premiere as part of the series Kleine Monster
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in German only



Contemporary Dance - Inner Tools

Julio César Iglesias Ungo

Flamenco zum Kennenlernen

José M. Sanchez Moreno

Klassisches Ballett

Dawna P. Dryhorub
Einzelticket € 18,-/15,- (erm.), 10-er Ticket € 170,-/140,- (erm.)

Young Tanzhaus


Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy

“PARTY” premiere as part of the series Kleine Monster


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Klassisches Ballett

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Autumn half-term in tanzhaus nrw? Yes please!

You want to dance? From morning to night, whether with or without any dance experience, whether with or without any physical limitations? Then quickly enrol at Tanzcamp which will make you get a move on from 10th to 14th October (NRW autumn half-term) with different styles. In the second week of autumn half-term from 17th to 20th October we have additional Workshops ranging from House, HipHop, Ballet and Modern to Tap Dance. We’re looking forward to all youngsters between 6 and 16 years old.

For dance enthusiasts: The tanzhaus-Card

Dance enthusiast and fan of tanzhaus nrw? Then lookout for our tanzhaus-Card! With this you receive the full programme for half the price for a onetime payment of € 49,-. And: Your company also just pays 50 % off the price. Talk to us on Tel: 0211 17270-0, via mail over ticketservice@tanzhaus-nrw.de or directly at our box office. 


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