Real Bodies: Raimund Hoghe

Fri 20.01. 20:00 + Sat 21.01. 20:00 With his piece “La Valse”, Raimund Hoghe continues his choreographic debate on eminent works from dance and music history. Following “Sacre – The Rite of Spring”, “...


Real Bodies: Rachid Ouramdane

Fri 27.01. 20:00 + Sat 28.01. 20:00 A duet or two solos taking place simultaneously? Without a doubt, “Tordre” presents the portrait of two extraordinary dancers: “Lora and Annie are ready, at any time, to transform th...


Shifting Realities

The festival from 02.02. – 12.02.2017 is marking the final of a two-year transcontinental exchange between artists from various African countries and Germany. In residences 13 choreographers met and during the festival they now present th...


On Stage


Open rehearsal „Specific people create spe...

A piece by Ayuso / Lo / Rotteveel / Sunday

Real Bodies: Raimund Hoghe

“La Valse” German Premiere / Piano: Guy Vandromme
As part of the series Real Bodies

Final presentation Improvisation Theatre

Directed by Paul Hänel
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Modernes Ballett

Laila Clematide

Zeitgenössischer Tanz

Emma Valtonen

Modern Contemporary Dance

Carlo Melis

Young Tanzhaus



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Breakdance - HipHop

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Kreativer Tanz und Ballett

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Finding words for dance?

Just apply and become part of tanzhaus nrw. Write about what you see, think, feel and how you review what you perceived or discovered. Accompany our performances as a blogger. We give you access to art, the artists and their approaches and concepts. Periodically, in meetings you will acquire journalistic skills, knowledge about dance, receive feedback and get further input and the chance to meet the other bloggers. Your reviews will be published here: You will find further information, contact data as well as the first date in the PDF file.

Noche de la Salsa always on Wednesdays

The Noche de la Salsa continues and does what it can do best: entice you to dance. Always on Wednesdays, starting at 9:15 p.m., we invite you to a short dancing lesson, where you can learn the basic salsa-steps and party afterwards with alternating DJ’s. Open-end. For more information please click HERE. Entrance fee: € 6 at the evening box-office.

Kicking off the new semester 2017

The new class and workshop program for the first semester of 2017 is online. You will find it under the menu option ACADEMY (Sorry, only in German language). You can, however, already reserve the dates for our open house: Sat 14th and Sun 15th of January, the weekend before the beginning of the new semester.